Guestroom Project is the name of my first solo album project, written and performed by me and recorded in my apartment in Buffalo. The album is complete and copies are being shipped now.
This album is FREE to everyone, no strings attached (even shipping is free).  To receive the free CD, please CLICK HERE to send me an e-mail with your name and mailing address.
If you want to send money, please consider making a donation to the Community Music School of Buffalo.
The store-quality CD includes photography and design from my friends, as well as guest musicians and vocalists.
Thanks for visiting, and please check back for more...

- Jonathan Attea


©2004 Jonathan Attea  •  photos by Derek Gee ©2004  •  website by Chris Laczi

Download MP3 Eleanor Rigby.mp3
  "This is a jazz arrangement of the Beatles song Eleanor Rigby off their 1966 album Revolver. This version was arranged by my friend Colin Lazarski, who also plays the guitars. I play bass."


Here are clips of the songs on the free Guestroom Project CD.
Right click on any MP3 file and choose "Save As" to download the clips.
Download MP3
1 - Way Back Home.mp3
Download MP3 2 - Best of Both Worlds.mp3
Download MP3 3 - Time Part I.mp3
Download MP3 4 - Time Part II.mp3
Download MP3 5 - Traffic.mp3
Download MP3
6 - Good Night .mp3
Download MP3 7 - This American Life.mp3
Download MP3
8 - Mad at the Sun .mp3
Download MP3 9 - Fix.mp3
Download MP3 10 - Corduroy.mp3
Download MP3
11 - Corduroy PartII .mp3
Download MP3
12 - Another Road.mp3  
Download MP3
13 - Have It .mp3
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14 - Quilt.mp3